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Jeroen Winkelman also known as Steve Jerayno.

A man with a lot of confidence, knowledge and a right spirit for an intense stage performance.
He loves to play with the crowd, that’s why his music will create an unforgettable experience.
Steve is a true artist who loves to be the king at the wheels of steel, his style will keep the people go on forever.
A man who has played already at National and International Clubs & Festivals. With his vibes on stage he will bring the energy and thrill like you have never felt before.
Here’s a shortlist of  party’s and festivals where Steve Jerayno was honored to be a part of.
Festifoort Festival (NL), Summer Energy Festival (NL), Electronic Music Festival (CH), Artifest Festival (NL), Club Ikon (B), Club Reichwaldz (D), Club Friends (NL), Club Home (NL), Club The B (NL), Club De Gewoonste Zaak (NL), Club Brodvejus (LT), La Musica Festival (NL), Club Maggy (NL), StudioA12 / Brothers (NL), Teejater Naaldwijk (NL), Club ’t Hert (NL), Club Clooneys (NL), Walibi Holland (NL), Bar 32 (NL) & De Koets (NL).
Let’s not forget he played with a lot of famous artists and stage performers like :
Freddy Moreira, Stiekz o Matic, Wessel S, Jack & Lewis, Frank Live, Plastik Funk, Team Rush Hour, Afro Bro’s, Wolfpack, Badd Dimes, Don James, Johnny 500, WEF, Don Cartel, Stavros Martina, Emile Laurent, Rugged & Babel-Ish.
MC La Palm, MC Don Espresso, MC JDMC, MC Jonna, MC 23, MC John Kho, MC Vega & MC Geoneal
We ensure that he will leave a beat mark in the hearts of his fans.

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